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Terms of Merchandise Orders
Return Policies:

If you or your customers are dissatisfied with the performance of a Warwick spray gun for any

reasons you may return the gun in original, un-used condition, within 7 days of sale to the end

user, for a full refund (excluding any shipping and handling charges that actually occur).


Must be return with your invoices. Returned items will be first credited to past due accounts (if any ).

All costs incurred by the return are at Customer's expense except when the cost is related to shipping

error caused by Warwick. Certain items will charge a 15% restocking fee.



Spray guns: only Warwick Spray Guns are under warranty, accessories are NOT included.

Airless parts and repair kit: we sell and will warrant against manufacturer defects for 30 days on

a case by case basis. Return the part(s) in question with a written failure report and upon review

and verification, we will replace the part(s), excluding filters and repair kits. All decisions by Warwick

are final.



Prices are subject to revision and change by WARWICK from time to time, and we will make every effort to provide our customer 30 days notice of any price changes. Items are not listed on the regular price sheet will be quoted when the order is placed.


Shipping Terms:

Same day shipping if order is received by 12:00 pm pacific time (depending on the status of your


Minimum $30.00 per order. If order less than $30.00, there will be a handling fee $10 applied.

For spray guns and accessories (other than hoses):UPS ground freight will be prepaid on a single

$700.00 net invoice within the continental U.S.

For airless parts (rods/sleeves/cylinders): UPS ground freight will be prepaid on a single $150.00

net invoice within the continental U.S. Shipping options including UPS & USPS Priority Mail

Services whichever is faster.

***Please note, FREE SHIPPING policy applies only when there is no specific date request for delivery. Warwick will not be responsible if any "unusual" delay caused by the carrier ( UPS or USPS ). Claims for shortages must be made within 10 days after receipt of goods.

If the carrier confirms that the package was delivered but the customer did not receive it due to reasons beyond Warwick's control, Warwick will not assume responsibility for the loss.

Drop ship service is provided with a $10.00 handling fee charges.


Payment Terms:

To insure proper credit to your account, please include the account number/ID and invoice number with your payment.

□ Your account will be assessed a $50.00 processing fee for any returned check ( non-sufficient Funds ).

□ If you have a NET 30 term agreement with us, there will be a 30 days grace period follow by the due day.

IF PAYMENT DOES NOT RECEIVE WITHIN 60 DAYS OF THE INVOICE DAY : Interests at 18% annually will be applied to all accounts unless additional agreement is in place. Also any new orders will be on-hold until we confirm that payment has been received.

□ Account that is past due for over 90 days from the invoice date is subject to loss "Net30" Payment privileges and the overdue amount must be paid by credit card immediately. 3% additional Credit card merchant fee will be applied.

□ Account that is past due for over 120 days will be close immediately. All costs incurred by WARWICK to collect overdue payments (including but not limiting to collection agency or court expense) will be added to the balance due in your account.


By placing an order, Client acknowledges and accepts these Terms



Sign by: _______________________________________ Date:___________________________


Company Name: _________________________________Title: __________________________

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