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Return Policy ( dealer only )


All spray guns can be returned in 7 days base on the invoice date for a full account credit in an original condition. (does not include return freight ). After 7 days, we will repair or replace the spray guns to meet customers' needs. 

For Airless parts, you can return within 30 days if you are not complete satisfied with the quality.

Proven acceptance by users :

  • Auto body painters have found that Warwick guns provide spray pattern and finish quality comparable to the most expensive leading brand that sells for 2 to 3 times the price

  • Industrial finishers have similarly found that the 891H pressure/siphon guns perform like other leading brands that sell for more than double the price

Technical support - (dealer only)


is always available to the jobber or industrial distributor – at the time of sale and afterwards. If assistance is needed with the sale of Warwick products (equipment recommendation, nozzle selection, etc.) or with operation of the equipment after the sale – it is always as close as a toll-free phone call. We help you to sell the products.

Repair Policy ( dealer only )


Upon request Warwick guns may be returned freight prepaid to our Los Angeles, CA location for normal repair. Guns must be CLEAN; otherwise a $30.00 charge will be incurred.

Repair charge will be $40.00/hour per gun plus parts (exclude air cap, nozzle and needle kit) plus return UPS freight cost. (Credit card is accepted.)

Prompt delivery of both products and parts

  • Large inventory in Los Angeles suburb – virtually never a back order!

  • Replacement parts are readily available Warwick guns are built to last for many years with normal service of wearing parts. These are not “throw-away” guns as are offered by others.

  • Same day shipment on orders received by 12:00 P.M. PST – later orders shipped next day.

For Airless, we deliver your order in 2 days ( most of the case ), no more than 3 days. 

Product quality (comparable with the leading brand in the market )

  • 980 / 891 are drop forged and anodized – built like the most expensive guns on the market – and carry a two-year warranty

  • All other Warwick guns are die-cast and carry a one-year warranty. They use the same nozzles to achieve the same excellent finish quality.

  • Excellent machining quality – Quality features such as the air nozzles seating on the fluid nozzle tapers for perfect centering

  • Stainless steel fluid nozzles and needles

  • Every size fluid nozzle orifice from 1.0mm to 1.7mm plus 2.0mm and 2.5mm

Never a minimum order 


To become a Warwick jobber/distributor or anytime! Order only what you want. Makes it easy to give Warwick a try – for the jobber or the user!

Excellent profit opportunity 


Jobbers and Industrial distributors enjoy a great profit margin on Warwick products, contact us for distributor's cost.

For airless parts, our prices are 40-60 % lower than OEM, that helps dealers and repair shop to create a huge room for profit.

Unbeatable Warranty


If any airless pump rods/sleeves/cylinders is defected, we pay for your labor $100 and will send you replacement for free.

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