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2 Ways to fix most of the common issues...

Every time we encounter any problems, always run these 2 tests first to eliminate the most common issues.

1) Gun connect to the air hose and put the gun into a water bucket. Without pulling the trigger and see the bubbles coming out from air cap, this means you need to change the air valve.

2) Fill gravity cup with water, spray first stage by pulling trigger lightly ( air only, no material ), if you see bubbles coming out from cup, this means a. the nozzle is loose or b. other reason need further exam.

Fan control can not be adjusted - 

a) change a new fan control

b) user somehow scratch the tapered surface on the fluid nozzle (which is a high precision part  indicated in yellow on the photo ) so it can't touch the air cap 100% and caused the air leaking from the hole in between. You need to change the new nozzle.

Splitting - 

a) Fluid nozzle is loose.

b) Packing is bad or worn out.

c) Check fluid connection, the cup is not sealed.

d) Material is too heavy or the pressure is not enough

e) Clean your gun - air cap or fluid passage clogged

How to test see video - How to test if a splitting problem of a pressure / siphon spray gun is fixed... If you pull water into gun as the video shown, no bubbles means the gun is good.

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