1. Warranty If you are experiencing any issues with the parts that you purchase from us, we give you a new parts or a refund within 30 days.


2. Reference – We currently sell to AL, AR, AZ, CA, FL, GA, HI, IA, IL, KS, LA, MA, MI, MN, MO, MT, NC, NV, NY, OK, OR, SC, TX, UT and WA. We also sell to chain stores such as Sherwin-Williams. Reference upon request.


3. Price – Our price is about 20%-40% lower than other aftermarket parts provider, so it’s a BIG SAVING chance for you to try, especially a great benefit for small business owners.

4. Service - No minimum order. Same day shipping if we receive your order by 12:00 pm PST. We ship orders via UPS or USPS priority mail to make sure you receive it in 2 days ( some area depends on post office schedule will be three days the most ). Order over $150 will be freight prepaid.


It's always easier to create substantial profits by saving than doing new business. Our major customers can save up to 20K for aftermarket parts buying from us a year, with same good quality as OEM and great service. We hope we can offer you this new opportunity to make more money by choosing our products.    ( BECOME A DEALER )


Warwick started selling spray guns since 1995 in US market, and airless spray parts for paint sprayers since 2004. We are the one of the major manufacturers to supply great quality aftermarket parts. Our profession is metal manufacture; we made rods, sleeves, cylinders and strainers in our own facilities which we are so confident in providing great quality parts to our customers.


We generally distribute our paint sprayer parts to repair shops, paint stores or other distributors among entire US market.