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Referral Program
for airless parts

What's this about ?

Refer a friend to open a new business account* with us and place the 1st order over $200 (rods, sleeves and cylinders only, strainers doesn't count ), then you will receive an AMAZON $50 e-gift card from us after 30 days of the 1st purchase. Referral gift is one time deal, one new account for one gift card.

* Note: New account means this company did not do any business with Warwick in the past 18 months then we will consider this to be a new business account.

How does this work?

When your friend contact us to open a new account, be sure he asks for a referral form, he will need to provide us an valid email on the form to receive the e-gift card 30 days from the invoice date. We pay base on the records on the form.


Who can open account ?

Paint Stores, Repair Shops, Stores repair for their rentals etc...


Q: How do I know if I am qualified to receive the $50 e-gift card and for sure will receive it ?

A: You need to make sure when your friend open the account, he fills out your email correctly. In any case that he does not fill out your email or he fills out the wrong email, we will NOT re-issue the gift card. The email we send the gift is base on the application we receive, so one application gets one gift card ( after the qualified purchase is been made ). Make sure the correct email written on the application form is super important.

Q: When does this program end?

A: Check on this website, we have the right to end it without further notice, but the end date will be announce here.

Q: Can I refer myself ?

A: Yes, if you own a repair shop and happen to see this program, you can fill out your own email to get this credit. When you apply for a new account, we will ask you to sign an acknowledgement for the referral. That's how we issue the e-gift card.

Any concerns or you want to find out how to open new account, please email to us.

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